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ClickBank Wealth Formula-Curso y videos

Curso completo – It’s vital that you get the proper training from people who have not only been where you are but are where you want to be.

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The product: supposedly new way to create crazy money with clickbank and other affiliate/cpa/ppv offers.What's included: 10 sections with multiple modules and bonus pdf along with a rip from their amazon S3 serverMy bonus: Once again, another GURU marketer happens to leave their amazon s3 account unsecured.... also they left their member thank you page get indexed by google.... therefore bypassing the need for purchasing the product -- (effing geniuses)
PROTIP: if you're doing a product launch, spend the extra money/time/effort to get someone to secure your amazon account and also setup a real membership site ($167 and protect your content. Cheap bastards. Oh, and don't let spiders index your delivery page. Good Grief!

ANYWAY: these are the RAW files from their S3 Account, renamed and re-categorized in the appropriate locations.

Their members don't even have access to the files found in the "Additional Rips" folder. The content in there is for an upsell into their coaching program.

All of the big marketing gurus are pushing this: brad callen, anik singal, rich shcheffren and more. I'll save you the money, because if you are an experienced marketer, this is a sub-par product. It will be of use to those that are not newbies, but not pros either... those that are in-between will find this stuff useful.

The modules are delivered by a hodge podge of 'instructors' that kind of make you think that this was a product slapped together by grabbing pieces of ppcclassroom and affiliateclassroom and tossing on a new coat of paint.

If you're going to buy accesss to this product, click "Cancel" on the sales page and get it for 57 bucks.

If you really want to be a slimy markter like these guys, then just take these videos, re-record them with your screens and your voice - repackage and resell with some other nifty name.

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